Welcome To My Malware Analysis Blog, I Have No Idea What The F*** I’m Doing

Last fall I went out for an interview doing malware collection & research for the company I was working for at the insistence of my top supervisor who was sure that I’d do well in the interview. Two weeks later, I got the rejection from the team because my programming sucks (it does) and I don’t know how to use a disassembler (I don’t). Three months later I had a new job.

So what is brokesec.fail? It’s my broke-ass tech-security blog chronicling my misadventures learning and failing in public. This will be embarrassing, there will be bad code & fails for days. This will be painful for you and me both, but at least for you, it will be entertaining.

Look, this isn’t a pretentious blog. I’m a simple netsec girl with a humble background. If I don’t understand something, you’ll be able to tell right away. I’m not putting on an act like I know what I’m looking at, but when I know something, I know it. When I don’t, you’ll know it too. I know who I am. I swear a lot, I like memes and use them a lot, I rub people the wrong way sometimes, I push the envelope and I flat out don’t know what the fuck I’m doing when it comes to malware analysis.

I mean, I know a little…enough to make a self-deprecating blog on the topic where you can all laugh at my ignorance. The point I’m trying to make is, I called my blog brokesec.fail for a reason. If at any point you’re tempted to shit talk how little I know about this niche of security, or pick at how I got something totally wrong, just you remember who you’re talking to. You’re talking to the owner of brokesec.fail….you’re never going to do more damage to my ego than I already did. I can’t promise you’ll learn anything here, but I can promise that it’ll be funny.

So join me on this sordid mission to learn about the weird shit that malware does and how we can find it.

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